Useful Tools to Get the Most Out of GrooveShark

If you’re looking for a way to get the best out of GrooveShark, these useful tools will help you do just that. SharkZapper is a Chrome extension that acts like a bookmark button that launches Grooveshark. It allows you to search for songs, create favourites, and more. You can customize the window, add buttons, and more, and save your favorite songs for later.

Grooveshark downloader

If you want to download music from the Internet, you can use the GrooveShark downloader. The software connects to the Grooveshark website and downloads songs in seconds. Moreover, this program comes with a music player that lets you listen to the songs before downloading. With the Grooveshark downloader, you can listen to any song before downloading it. Thus, you can make sure that the downloaded song is of the quality you desire.

Another benefit of grooveshark downloader is that you can listen to free music online. Apart from the music, you can also access album covers, lyrics, and wallpapers of your favorite artists. It also allows you to create your own playlists or import others. This makes the downloader more efficient and convenient. Besides, it also allows you to store your favourite music on iTunes. This is very convenient and useful if you’re a music fan and want to listen to free music.


Getting the most out of GrooveDown requires that you know a few things about this music downloader. First, you need to know that this application is free to download. You can also use this music downloader on Mac or Linux with WineBottler. Once you have a downloader installed, you can go to the GrooveDown website and begin downloading your favorite songs.

Another useful tool to get the most out of GrooveShark is the DownloadHelper. It helps you to download any song that you want from the service, without having to worry about DMCA violations. You can also download songs and listen to them on your computer without sharing them with others. GrooveDown is a desktop Windows application that makes it easy to download music from any website, including Grooveshark.

Another useful tool is the Remote for Grooveshark. This extension adds keyboard shortcuts for controlling playback, pause, previous, next, and other features. You can even change these keyboard shortcuts to other keys. Moreover, you can use the Lyrics feature to see lyrics of any song you’re playing. Then, you’ll have more control over the music player, and no more fumbling around for the lyrics.


To get the most out of GrooveShark, you can install the SharkZapper Chrome extension. This extension is a great way to customize Grooveshark and make it easier to find what you are looking for. You can use the tool to control search and playback, as well as display Album Art. You can even use the extension to open Grooveshark from a bookmark button.

You can use SharkZapper to pin the GrooveShark player to your desktop. This makes the player behave like a desktop application. You can hide certain features of the application, like the search and rating options, from the player. If you’re not into customization, you can use the app’s default settings or set the app’s theme color to match your desktop.

Google Chrome extension

A great way to make the most of GrooveShark is to download the SharkZapper Chrome extension. This extension will allow you to customize the shortcuts you use to launch Grooveshark, such as pressing ‘f’ to play/pause, ‘abc’ to go to the previous or next song, and ‘favorite’ to save a track. This extension works in both Firefox and Chrome.

To get the most out of GrooveShark, install the latest version of the extension. The last version of the extension is unpacked and comes from the development repository. The extension may contain bugs or untested code. Make sure you download the latest version of the extension before you use it. This extension is the best option for users who want to get the most out of GrooveShark.


Besides installing the latest version of GrooveShark, you can also install the TinySong Google Chrome extension. This extension will allow you to search for individual songs on GrooveShark, and will provide you with a shortened URL that you can share with friends and colleagues. Another great Chrome extension is the “KeySharky” extension. It allows you to control Grooveshark using keyboard shortcuts.